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1.high density, white iron uniform layer any defect gas hole sand explosion and residue
4.long working life
5.roll take off paper more easily
1. The solidifying is under the action of the centrifugal force, so it has the high density, white iron uniform layer and there is not any defect of gas hole, and explosion and residue.
2. The centrifugal casting roller can be inlaid with a sleeve. It can reduce the consumption of raw material and the weight of the roller.
3. It is very convenient to drill hole due to the uniform white casing layer.
4. The working surface hardness of the CCCR can be produced according to the demand of the users, up to HS762, in general. It has the high anti/wear property, good inner ductility and steady quality.
5. The working layers of the roller are uniform and there is a small hardness variation. The quality stability of the roller is assured.
6. Long working life can save number of facts for the users.
7. The variety scale rollers can be produced according to demand of the users (the mix-up to dia 1000*6000mm)